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Lingalaks takes advantage of Framo LiftUP’s sludge collection technology

February 10, 2022

Lingalaks will be the first fish-farming company in Norway and in the world to commercially utilize sludge collection technology from Framo LiftUP at its premises.

The sludge collection system is due to be installed in four net pens at Lingalaks' farming site in Djupevik in the Hardangerfjord. The company trialled the technology on a small scale in 2019, and have now decided to go for more extensive use.
“This waste is a vast unexploited resource, which is why we are investing. We have collected sludge to some extent before, but with the Framo LiftUP technology we have an opportunity to do this on a large scale. Our aspiration is to exceed the industry standard in terms of our responsibility to ensure sustainable aquaculture. It currently costs money to dispose of the waste, and we wish to take the lead and create a circular economy. We believe that exploiting these resources is the way forward" says Kristian Botnen, CEO at Lingalaks.
For Framo LiftUP, the agreement with Lingalaks marks a real commercial breakthrough for sludge collection technology. The company has spent years developing and testing this system used to remove sludge and waste feed from open aquaculture facilities. It has been developed in collaboration with environmental organisations, and has recently been trialled as part of a 16-month Innovation Norway funded project at Lerøy Sjøtroll in Osterfjorden – a site that has facilitated pioneering testing of the new sludge collection technology. The results are highly encouraging.
“We have spent a lot of time and resources developing and testing this product, and we are delighted to be able to contribute to the green economy. Results from the trials show that the system captures over two-thirds of the particles possible. This exceeds all expectations,” says Jarle Ragnhildstveit, Product Manager at Framo LiftUP.
More attractive
Project manager Georg Melcher in Lingalaks points out that the company started using algal oil as a replacement for fish oils in the feed already in 2018, and now uses the sustainable product as a standard ingredient in the feed without incurring additional purchasing costs. This shows that new ways of thinking work, he says.
At the same time, we know that our international customers are increasingly concerned with sustainability, the environment and CO2 emission totals, and by meeting their procurement requirements our product becomes more attractive.
Lingalaks plans to partner with Ragn Sells Havbruk, which will handle the residual product and send this for recycling. Knowledge and experience gained from Djupevik will also be of value for the comprehensive StadionLaks project – a closed, floating production unit for salmon farming being developed by Framo Innovation in partnership with Lingalaks.
Considerable interest
Later this year, Framo LiftUP will also start collecting sludge at two Osterøy sites, and several fish farmers have signalled an interest in the system.
“When most of the sludge is collected, we also reduce the impact on the seabed fauna and facilitate a more rapid return to production for the plant. There is considerable interest in the technology, and we are in talks with other fish farmers looking to invest in the system as a means to reduce the environmental footprint as well as a potential solution to the problem of fallowing,” says Jarle Ragnhildstveit.

Image caption: Project manager Georg Melcher from Lingalaks, and product manager from Framo LiftUP Jarle Ragnhildstveit in front of the Lingalaks plant in Djupvik. Photo: Øystein Klakegg – Framo

Image caption: Picture from the facility of Lerøy Sjøtroll in Osterfjorden where the sludge treatment system has been tested over 16 months. Photo: Framo LiftUP

Image caption: Picture of sludge collected from the Framo LiftUP system: Photo: Framo LiftUP

Image caption: Picture of the filtering sludge collected from the Framo LiftUP system: Photo: Framo LiftUP

Framo AS is a pump manufacturer based at the west coast of Norway. The company has three factories and a large service facility in Norway. Framo was established in 1938 and is now a worldwide organization with offices in eight different countries on three different continents. The company has approximately 1,350 employees and is a leading manufacturer of pumping systems for the tanker market and the offshore industry. In addition, Framo manufactures offshore windmill suction anchors, and solutions fish farming. Framo AS is a part of the Alfa Laval Group and the Bergen area is head office regarding marine pumping systems. 

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