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Plan your stepwise route towards autonomous shipping

January 29, 2021

Discover a stepwise approach to autonomy

Enhanced levels of safety with increased fuel efficiency

Wärtsilä Smart Autonomy provides the key enablers for moving towards autonomous operations in the future by finding targeted solutions that solve customer specific problems today, enhancing synergies, ensuring system interoperablity and improving operational processes:

Situational awareness – creating a digital understanding of what is going on around and onboard the vessel using radar, sensors, cameras and data-collection. 
Decision making and logic – algorithms based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) that are able to interpret a scenario based on data and decide on a safe and effective course of action.
Action and control – the control systems that enable autonomous actions, where decisions made by algorithms are executed to precisely and safely manoeuvre the vessel


Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum with Remote support – A leap forward in intuitive ship controlsDid you know?
According to Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality, 75% of shipping insurance losses, equivalent to USD 1.6 billion, were caused by human error in 2018. There are many reasons for human error, including fatigue resulting from long hours and insufficient rest, the nature of the working environment onboard vessels and poor leadership both onboard and ashore. 

The Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum user interface represents a leap forward in intuitive ship controls. Full touch operation and screen layout engages the user while ensuring safer and more efficient operation. NACOS Platinum installations are being equipped or prepared for the NACOS Platinum integrated
remote guidance module, which allows secure remote access either for navigation or automation systems.

Discover remote guidance and support 


Wärtsilä Voyage radically transforms how vessels perform their voyage by leveraging the latest digital technologies, to deliver a step-change in safety, efficiency, reliability and emissions.
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