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Building the most powerful Otto cycle engine in the world

September 17, 2019

WinGD has released a time-lapse video of the build of a 12X92DF engine, built by CSSC-MES Diesel Co., Ltd. (CMD) in Lingang, Shanghai.

This twelve-cylinder version of the 92cm bore X-DF dual fuel engine from WinGD, is set to be the largest and most powerful Otto cycle gas and dual-fuel engine ever built and will bring a new level of environmental sustainability to the containership segment.

The engine build has taken approximately 3,125 person days, which totals to 25,000-man hours. The engine weight over 2,100 tons and has received parts from more than 15 countries. *

Watch with sound…


Video caption: Watch the remarkable feat of building the most powerful Otto cycle engine in the world. WinGD's 12X92DF engine, built by CMD in Lingang Shanghai. Bringing the maritime industry one step closer to sustainable shipping.

About the 12X92DF

Rated 63,840 kW at 80 rpm, the 12X92DF engine is the largest and most powerful gas and dual-fuel engine ever built. WinGD’s low-pressure dual-fuel technology enables stable combustion, high fuel efficiency and low noxious and greenhouse gas emissions typical of lean burn gas combustion. X-DF engines comply with IMO Tier III limits on NOx in gas mode and IMO Tier II in liquid fuel mode, both without EGR or SCR. With WinGD’s X-DF engines and LNG as fuel, compliance is guaranteed with the upcoming emissions regulations due to the low NOx and SOx emissions from burning LNG in the X-DF engine.

Since the launch of the X-DF engine series in 2013, the technology has proven reliable, efficient and environmentally sustainable through over 280,000 running hours on 265 engines in operation and/or on order.

*All numbers relating to actual build are approximated and relate to physical construction of the engine.

Download the Word Document version by clicking here.

You can also view the video online at:

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WinGD (Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd.) is a leading developer of two-stroke low-speed gas and diesel engines used for propulsion power in merchant shipping. WinGD sets the industry standard for reliability, safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability. WinGD provides designs, training and technical support to engine manufacturers, shipbuilders and ship operators worldwide. Headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, since its inception as the Sulzer Diesel Engine business in 1893, it carries on the legacy of excellence in design.

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