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Rivertrace showcases products at SMM

July 28, 2016

UK-based Rivertrace will be show casing its Smart Cell 15ppm oil content monitor and its Smart Safe ORB Bilge overboard security system at SMM.

By utilising the “smart cell” Detector Array Technology the Smart Cell 15ppm oil content monitor (OCM) analyses all three oil types (HFO, diesel and emulsions) simultaneously without the need for re-calibration.

A manual cell cleaning device is included as standard to easily enable routine maintenance. Optical cell fouling is recognised as a leading cause of monitor malfunction or incorrect reading. By simple operation of the manual cleaning device, the “smart cell” remains in optimum operating condition.

Replacement calibrated measuring cells can be purchased for easy change over onboard the vessel and calibration verification kits enable the crew to demonstrate the monitor is within factor calibration to PSC surveyors.

The Smart cell Bilge Alarm is readily available as a 5ppm version if required. It can also be tailor made for hazardous environments (zone 1+2) as an Exd system with auto clean, all enclosed in an explosion proof cabinet. Rivertrace also offers the system in an anti-magnetic version, ideal for submarines and minesweepers.

Rivertrace also adds that the Smart Cell 15ppm oil content monitor performs and has demonstrated compliance with MEPC 107(49) with approvals from DNV.GL, USCG, CCS, ClassNK, The Russian Maritime Register and Transport Canada.

Additional features include a flow switch for extra security, auto clean for prevention of measuring cell fouling and onboard verification to demonstrate its good working order. The Smart Cell 15ppm monitor can be fitted to any brand of oily water separator and is easy to set up on site and maintain by crew.

Mike Coomber, managing director, Rivertrace says about the Smart Cell 15ppm oil content monitor: “The only OCM on the market that comes with a manual clean as standard, preventing cell fouling, the most common failure of any OCM.”

The Smartsafe ORB (oil record book) Bilge Overboard Security system was developed in response to customer request. The Smartsafe ORB records the oily water discharge process of any oil water separator (IMO-MEPC 60.33 or 107.49) thus avoiding the common mistakes of manual entries and log variations in the oil record book.

The Smartsafe ORB utilises the ships GPS and records the process of the bilge water discharge. The base unit documents the vessel’s time/date/latitude and longitude of the start and stop of the discharge process. The event summary is displayed on the control screen for easy viewing and is used to annotate the oil record book.

The system has the ability to record data from up to three oily water separators (OWS). This data can be downloaded to a PC, printed or e-mailed using the built-in e-mail application. The Smartsafe ORB has sufficient memory to store three years of typical discharge records.

Rivertrace also notes that the Smartsafe ORB offers protection against ‘magic pipes’ and system manipulation. The easy to use touch screen monitor, system works with any separator and bilge alarm.

“A future proof way to prevent ‘magic pipe’ discharge and oil record book errors. Can you afford not too?” adds Coomber.

Rivertrace produces a range of products that meet and exceed the I.M.O. resolutions MEPC 107(49) and MEPC 108 (49) relating to water discharges from ships.

The company says that its commitment to ongoing development ensures that these products remain at the forefront of available technology, and consistently push the boundaries of oil-in-water analysis.

Whatever your environmental monitoring needs, Rivertrace has the solution.

 About Rivertrace Engineering

Rivertrace Engineering Limited is an ISO9001 Quality-Assured Company and market leader with over 30 years’ experience of oil-in-water monitoring.

Today the company employs approximately 25 people at our 10,000 sq. ft. factory close to Redhill, 20 miles south of central London. Our global network of agents ensures local service and support worldwide.

Rivertrace are at the forefront of designing systems that not only meet but go beyond the requirements of tightening environmental legislation. With the introduction of the Smartsafe Bilge Overboard Security System we are continuing to meet new environmental challenges head on

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Image 1:          Smart Cell 15ppm oil content monitor (OCM)
Image 2:          The Smartsafe ORB (oil record book) Bilge Overboard Security system

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